Written on Water

Against the immense and unforgiving landscape of the High Plains, farmers and local politicians in places like Olton, Texas, fight to keep their towns alive against the decline of the […]


Between Montana and North Dakota lies the rugged terrain the native Lakota call “Mako shika” or “bad land,” a place of opportunity and hardship in equal measure. Now the oil […]

Who Owns Water

Three southern states are locked in a battle over the fresh water of the Chattahoochee River, a slow, muddy river that transformed Atlanta from a small town to a growing, […]

Divide in Concord

Jean Hill, a fiery octogenarian, cares deeply about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Adriana Cohen: mother, model and celebrity publicist-turned-pundit, unequivocally defends individual freedoms. When Jean tries to ban single-serve […]