Night Visitors

The Night Visitors is a movie about moths. While the film closely considers these underknown creatures as orgranisms, its engagement with them is not primarily entomological. Instead, it looks at […]

Geographies of Solitude

An immersion into the rich ecosystem of Sable Island, a remote sliver of land in the Northwest Atlantic, the film follows Zoe Lucas, a naturalist and environmentalist who has lived […]

Fire of Love

2022 Opening Night Selection and the Inaugural Winner of the Flo Stone & Roger D. Stone Award for Outstanding Artistry in Filmmaking   Katia and Maurice Krafft loved two things […]

50 Years of Earth Day

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, it has grown into a global phenomenon. Take a peek into the past to discover how Rachel Carson, Senator Gaylord Nelson, and other […]

Greatest Good: A Forest Service Centennial Film

Explores the history of the U.S. Forest Service, using rarely seen footage and photos, sweeping landscape aerial shots, and dozens of interviews to tell a complex and compelling story of […]


Co-founder of Greenpeace and founder of Sea Shepherd, Captain Paul Watson has spent 40 years fighting to end the destruction of the ocean’s wildlife and its habitat. He and his […]

Dinosaurs of Antarctica

From the Permian through the Jurassic, journey to the south polar landscapes of Antarctica hundreds of millions of years ago. Roam the primitive forest and thick swamps with bizarre dinosaurs […]


For almost 150 years, the contributions of Chinese railroad workers to the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad was forgotten and ignored. Set on Donner Pass within the Tahoe National Forest, […]

Second Genesis

When Voyager launched in 1977, few besides Carl Sagan believed that the search for extraterrestrial life was anything more than fantasy. But in the decades that followed, new discoveries—volcanoes on […]

Into the Amazon

Into the Amazon tells the remarkable story of the journey taken by President Theodore Roosevelt and legendary Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon into the heart of the South American rainforest to […]