Gambling on Extinction

An investigative team goes undercover to expose the players in a greedy and brutal battle. The film explores the global drivers of species extinction, from the poachers to organized cartels, […]

Field Biologist

Tyler Christensen, an ambitious yet somewhat rudderless 22-year-old, is still discovering his life path. Brushing aside his lack of a college degree or scientific credentials, Tyler travels to Costa Rica […]

E-Waste Tragedy

Every year millions of tons of discarded electronic waste – computers, television sets, mobile phones, household appliances – are shipped illegally to India, China or Africa. This film spans the […]

Dangerous Game, A

Our ability to protect what’s left of our vanishing and fragile world is threatened when rapacious developers build golf courses on fragile and historically significant lands. Award-winning filmmaker Anthony Baxter […]

Cotton Road

CLICK HERE TO WATCH ONLINE From rural farms in South Carolina to factory cities in China, the cotton industrial process behind the United States’ rapacious consumption of cheap clothing spans […]

China: Searching for Sacred Mountain

An unlikely partnership between religion and government may hold the answer to China’s environmental crisis. Government officials declare their commitment to an “ecological civilization” that draws on Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, […]

Bye Bye Car

How will we move around in the future? In ten years’ time, Ford Motors’ Bill Ford says his company will sell mobility and not cars. Investigating the first spectacular signs […]

Anthem for the Amazon

One of the most important land ecosystems for mitigating the effects of climate change, the Amazon moderates weather patterns locally and globally, carries 20 percent of the planet’s fresh water […]

Absent House, The

Architect Fernando Abruña Charneco prioritizes nature in his ingenious designs, including a self-sufficient house, a parachute house, and a solar electric car. In the 1970s, critics scoffed at his “less […]