Station 15

High school student and poet Chasity Hunter experienced intense flooding in her New Orleans neighborhood during both Hurricane Katrina and recent summer rainstorms. Inspired to find out how safe her […]

Lost World

As Singapore dredges sand out from beneath Cambodia’s mangrove forests, the threat of erasure looms over an ecosystem, a communal way of life, and one woman’s relationship to her beloved […]

Mori, The Artist’s Habitat

Co-Presented with the Japan Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan and The Freer Gallery of Art He lies among the shrubs and trees in his garden and observes the […]

La Cumbre

La Cumbre unveils the reality of what it means to live as an amputee in the developing world. In partnership with the Range of Motion Project we join world class […]

Backyard Wilderness

Backyard Wilderness will surprise and entertain viewers with the unexpected wonders of nature that are right under our noses – in our own backyards. Spanning a seasonal year around a […]

Experimental City

In the 1960s, renowned scientist, inventor, and comic strip author Athelstan Spilhaus sets his sights on solving one of society’s biggest problems: pollution. His answer is a fully-engineered, high-tech Experimental […]

Five Seasons

Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf is an immersion in the life and work of the most influential landscape designer of the last 50 years. Piet is responsible for […]

Generation on the Wind

In 1978, the price of oil soared and domestic reserves plummeted resulting in long lines at gas stations. President Carter declared an ‘energy crisis.’ When David Vassar learned about a […]


Gladesmen is a feature-length documentary about the government’s ban on Florida’s iconic airboats in much of the Everglades. The measure is part of the world’s largest effort to repair a […]

In the Hills and Hollows

Co-presented with the American Conservation Film Festival (ACFF)  Due to a shift in market demand, and the development of technology to access the Marcellus Shale formation, a massive natural gas […]