Counting Cheetahs

What goes into conducting a population census and how does it inform conservation decisions? And how is that information gathered for the fastest land animal on earth? Counting Cheetahs follows […]

Forest for the Trees

This visually and artistically unique documentary explores the physical and emotional aspects of a community of Canadian west coast tree planters. Deftly weaving together still photos and film footage, Rita […]

Puffin Rock and the New Friends

From the acclaimed studios, Cartoon Saloon and Dog Ears and based on the award-winning TV series, Puffin Rock and the New Friends sees our family favorites Oona, Baba, May and […]


On a remote Icelandic island, teenagers Birta and Selma rescue pufflings (young puffins) from imminent danger; as pufflings leave their nests for the first time, they often get lost in […]

Wood Turtles

Explores the efforts to study one of Rhode Island’s most endearing species: the elusive Wood Turtle. Produced in partnership with Roger Williams Park Zoo and Rhode Island Division of Wildlife. […]


Steven Fuller is a winter caretaker who has lived at Yellowstone National Park for the past 50 years. As the cold weather approaches and the seasonal transformation begins, he hunkers […]

School of Fish

Indigenous people and salmon have been intertwined for thousands of years in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The knowledge of harvesting, preserving and sharing fish is as important here as any lesson […]


Two female Texas State University wildlife researchers work against the clock to find a way to save Texas’s delicate—and crucial—bat population, while breaking barriers of their own.   To further […]

Return of Nóouhàh-Toka’na (Swift Fox)

Nóouhàh-Toka’na, known as swift fox in English, once roamed the North American Great Plains from Canada to Texas. Like bison, pronghorn and other plains animals, Nóouhàh-Toka’na held cultural significance for […]

Flora, Fauna, Funga

Follows Chilean mycologist and National Geographic Explorer Giuliana Furci’s search for new mushrooms in far southern Chile, on the main island of Tierra del Fuego. She’s joined by biologist and […]