The Last Holdouts

In 2020, five major storms slammed the Louisiana coast, the most ever in a single season. For many living here, this unprecedented barrage was a final warning. Now Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribal […]


Water will erase Newtok, Alaska. Built on land that was once frozen year-round, the foundation of the tiny Yup’ik village has been sinking and eroding for decades. The 360 Yup’ik […]

Squeezing the Marsh

The humble Saltmarsh sparrow lives in a habitat that’s threatened by climate change. The marshes they live in are being squeezed out of existence —development on one side, and rising […]

Resisting the Flood

The historic town of Princeville sits on low-lying land within the floodplain of the Tar River. With increasing storm intensity due to our changing climate, the town is experiencing more […]


From the lens of Academy® and Emmy-award winning Australian filmmaker Eva Orner, Burning takes an unflinching look at the unprecedented and catastrophic Australian bushfires of 2019-2020, known as ‘Black Summer.’ […]

It’s Our Future

Follows middle and high school students and teachers in Brooklyn, New York who participate in the National Wildlife Federation’s Resilient Schools Consortium (RiSC) – a program that educates youth about […]

Last Days at Paradise High

On November 8, 2018, the Camp Fire forever changed the lives of the residents of Paradise, California. It left 85 people dead, torched hundreds of buildings, and displaced an estimated […]

Along the Winisk River

In Canada, a remote Indigenous community is fighting for its survival in the age of climate change. Extreme weather, changes in ice formation, and wildfires have made hunting and gathering […]

Matagi Mālohi: Strong Winds

The Pacific Climate Warriors, born out of the low-lying Pacific Islands, are an indigenous and youth lead movement who now have been on the front lines of climate change for […]