Presents the astonishing beauty of Nevada’s Desert National Wildlife Refuge and introduces two unique artists who have drawn inspiration from this magnificent place. Fawn Douglas and Susan K. Schafer describe […]

Circle of Iris

A snapshot of Susan, a feisty 65-year-old woman, who has left the very fast lane of LA and has found peace growing thousands of iris in Oregon. We will see […]

Sound of a Wild Snail Eating

When a woman is bedridden by a mysterious pathogen, a forest snail unexpectedly takes up residence on her nightstand. Together, the woman and snail share an intimate journey of survival and […]

Human Element

Presented by the Hollomon Price Foundation Renowned photographer James Balog (Chasing Ice) uses his camera to reveal how environmental change is affecting the lives of everyday Americans. Following the four […]


This poetic and evocative visual study takes the viewer on a journey into the world of pigeon flying high above the bustling and crowded streets of Old Delhi.

Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda

Ryuichi Sakamoto has had a prolific musical career spanning over four decades, first as a techno-pop star and later as an Oscar-winning composer. The evolution of his music has coincided […]


Humans have finally succeeded in destroying the planet. As the last people board the ship to Mars, the earth breathes a sigh of relief and the boundless resilience of nature […]


A unique collaboration with millions of wild ants. Focusing on four supposedly unique human traits — language, ritual, war, and art — the narrative aims to blur the boundaries between […]

Even In Paradise

This experimental documentary takes an unblinking look at California landscapes bearing the scars of wars fought elsewhere. Serene forest groves and opaque Silicon Valley windows provide the visual framework for […]