In celebration of the Festival’s 30th Anniversary Festival (March 17-27, 2022), DCEFF introduces The Forum; a program that creates a unique space for leading thinkers and advocates to come together with filmmakers and the media industry to address the most important environmental issues of our day. Through the years, the festival has screened thousands of award-winning films in DC, and around the nation, that have served as important catalysts for post-screening discussions. Through The Forum, we can ignite the conversation and explore the most important environmental issues unfolding now. On the slate for this inaugural year are six panels that explore topics ranging from voting rights and climate justice, to food justice, Indigenous storytelling, and virtual reality.


Special guests of The Forum will include: Louis Psihoyos (filmmaker, The Cove, Racing Extinction); Lucy Walker (filmmaker Wasteland, Countdown to Zero, Bring Your Own Brigade); Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. (President and CEO, Hip Hop Caucus); Nonny de la Peña (virtual reality creator, Greenland Melting); ​​Melanie Campbell (CEO, The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation); and many more.

Stay tuned for more Forum announcements!