Take Action!

Opportunities For Action From Our 2024 Films

Did a film or issue highlighted at our March 2024 Festival have an impact on you? Want to learn about ways you can become more involved? Check out the list below.


A Symphony of Tiny Lights

Visit John Francis’ non-profit at planetwalk.org.

At the age of 77, most people reflect on the steps they’ve already taken. Dr. John Francis is not one of those people. With a bright glimmer in his eye and deep hope in his step, he is as alive, curious, and eager to create positive change as ever.


Back to Camp 41

To support Back to Camp 41‘s mission, visit www.sustainafest.org.



To further support the mission of Batsies visit austinbatrefuge.org and www.batcon.org.


Café Y Aves

Learn more about ways to #LiveBirdFriendly, visit nationalzoo.si.edu/cafe-y-aves.



Learn how you can make a difference at www.canarythemovie.com/take-action

Discover the multitude of steps and impactful choices that individuals like you can make to create a positive difference. From small daily changes to larger collective efforts, this campaign is your guide to playing an active role in preserving our planet, addressing climate change, and preserving a priceless piece of history of our planet.


Deep Trouble

Call for a Moratorium on Deep Sea Mining! For information visit: savethehighseas.org

Write President Biden, asking him to ratify UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) and take action to protect the ocean.


Farming While Black

For Black Farmer priorities, visit the Federation of Southern Cooperatives: Federation.Coop/advocacy

Fund Black land sovereignty at BlackFarmerFund.org.

To support Afro-Indigenous Food Sovereignty visit SoulFireFarm.org, BlackDirtFarmCollective.com, and Rise & Root Farm.


First We Bombed New Mexico

Everyone can join with the New Mexico Downwinders in this fight for justice by:

Reaching out to your members of Congress via phone call or email and ask them to support the expansion and extension of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) that was overwhelmingly passed as part of Senate Bill S.3853. You can find your member of Congress here. RECA will expire in June 2024 and the clock is ticking. Make contact today.

Contacting Speaker Johnson here or call 202-205-4000 and asking him as the Leader of the House to schedule a vote on the RECA Amendments before the program sunsets in June 2024.


Flora, Fauna, Funga

Visit www.ffungi.org to learn more about The Fungi Foundation. Visit florafaunafunga.org to make your own 3F commitment.


Giants Rising

Join the movement to keep redwood forests rising! Visit giantsrising.com to experience the awe and wonder of the redwoods, learn more about the superpowers of these trees, and take action to support their restoration and preservation.


Jojo – A Toad Musical

To support increasing the odds for amphibians in the face of a long-term pandemic, visit arcprotects.org.



To take action in stopping the sale of beef affiliated with deforestation from Nicaragua to the US and other markets visit www.patrolmovie.com/action.


Razing Liberty Square

To support the Razing Liberty Square impact campaign visit and donate at www.razinglibertysquare.org.


School of Fish

To ensure the future of Bristol Bay, wild salmon, and a way of life, visit www.orvis.com/save-bristol-bay.html.



Learn more at plantwildflowers.org #plantwildflowers.


Toxic Art

Learn more and support True Pigments at ruralaction.org/truepigments.


We Are Guardians

Please donate to support the work of the forest guardians of the Tembé and Guajajara people. For more info and to get involved, please check out weareguardiansfilm.com.

We are initiating our impact campaign in 2024 to further support the communities of the Tembé and Guajajara to support reforestation efforts, agroforestry projects, and further outreach of the film and Indigenous filmmakers.


Wild Hope: Gardner to Guardian

To support the mission of creating native plant gardens visit scistarter.org.



Visit donorbox.org. Funds raised will go towards programs that 4DWN offers free to the community. All donations will be matched by Dickies.