Festival Year: 2018

Andrew Young

Roles: Director, Producer, Director of Photography

Andrew Young is an Academy Award nominated, Emmy Award winning Director/Producer/DP. Drawn to stories where the lives of humans intersect with the nature, Young has just completed Backyard Wilderness, a 3D Giant Screen/IMAX® film, produced by Archipelago Films and Arise Media, a non-profit he co-founded to create groundbreaking media about the most urgent social and environmental challenges of our time. Young’s world class cinematography is shot primarily in 4K and 8K digital where he uses probe lenses, inventive motion-control rigs, time-lapse, and high-speed frame rates, to capture wildlife and landscape in never-before-seen ways. At Archipelago Films, he has directed and filmed both documentaries and fiction work, such as Children of Fate, Americanos, The Last Royals, Deadly Messengersand Madagascar: A World Apart with HBO, Cinemax, National Geographic, the BBC, and PBS. With a Master’s Degree from Yale University in Physical Anthropology, he has extensive experience in science and animal behavior.

Festival Year: 2018


Backyard Wilderness

(US, 2018, 45min)