Leonardo Wild

A novelist and scriptwriter, Leonardo is a man of many “professions,” among them wooden-house designer, sailor, inventor, scientist, corporate image consultant. In 2007, he was privately asked by one of the advisors to the Minister of Energy and Petroleum, on how to present the Yasuni-ITT Initiative to the world. This triggered his interest in the dilemma: to leave the oil underground, or to extract it endangering whole ecosystems. And he realized that, in order for the news of the project to be spread, there had to be an independent account of it with no vested interests except to tell the story from many different viewpoints. This led him to look for no-strings-attached funding for the film, and a crew ready to be part of the project simply because of the importance of the subject matter. He speaks Spanish, English and German. With over 41 scripts produced (short films, TV spots, documentaries), this is his second feature-length documentary.