Festival Year: 2024

Karen Washington

Roles: Special Guest

Karen is a farmer and activist. She is Co-owner/Farmer at Rise & Root Farm in Chester New York. An activist, food advocate; in 2010, Co- Founded Black Urban Growers (BUGS) an organization supporting growers in both urban and rural settings. Karen has received numerous awards most recently the co-recipient of the 2023 James Beard Humanitarian Award and the 2024 Emerson Collective Fellowship. She has also been credited with the term food apartheid instead of food desert, to bring to the forefront the inequities we have in the food system. Mama K as she is known in the community, serves on the boards of the New York Botanical Gardens, Black Farmer Fund, Soul Fire Farm, the Mary Mitchell Center, and Green Workers Cooperative


2024 Program(s):

Farming While Black


Festival Year: 2024