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Todd Walters

Roles: Director

Walters discussed Transcending Boundaries: Perspectives from Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and Transcending Boundaries: Perspectives on Transboundary Conservation In the Central Alvertine Rift Valley. Todd Walters is the Founder and Executive Director of International Peace Park Expeditions (IPPE) an organization that applies experiential learning within international peace parks to foster an interdisciplinary approach to leadership and collaboration, build a network dedicated to the advancement of peace parks, and support the development of local communities.

Walters holds a Masters in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from the School of International Service at American University, where he focused his research on International Peace Parks and Environmental Peacebuilding. He is a National Outdoor Leadership School certified adventure guide with wilderness first responder (WFR) medical training, and has led expeditions around the globe. He wrote the entry “Experiential Peacebuilding” for the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace.

Festival Year: Array


Transcending Boundaries

(CA, 2011, 24min)