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Colby Waller

Roles: Director

Colby Waller is a documentary filmmaker, creative director, author, and endurance mountain biker. His recent film projects have covered a diverse range of subject matter including subsistence fishing on the Anacostia River, the decline of the bike courier in Washington D.C., and search and rescue operations across the United States using autonomous drones. He is completing a masters degree at the Corcoran College of Art and Design and will graduate in April. His work has been featured at Hemphill Fine Art, Heinert Contemporary, Brooklyn Fire Proof, and the Corcoran Gallery. He is the owner of THOR Design Studio on Capitol Hill, an award-winning graphic design firm specializing in publication, web, and identity projects.

Fishing the Anacostia is a short film focused on the health concerns related to the consumption of catfish caught in the Anacostia River. The film examines the current state of the waterway and the efforts being made to draw attention to the plight of the river.

Festival Year: Array


Fishing the Anacostia

(US, 2014, 12min)