Festival Year: 2017

Chikara Ujiie

Roles: Director

After graduating from the Japan Academy of Moving Images in 1978, Chikara Ujiie joined the forerunner of Japanese television production company Telecom Staff, where he worked on variety of programs and was involved with publishing. He went freelance in 1990, and since then, has focused on production of cultural documentaries and travel programmes. Some of his select works include New Yorkers series, Odoroki Momo No Ki 20th Century series, Fujitsu Special: World Heritage Journeys, I Love Kyoto and Miyako No Kahori series, Wildlife: Modern Day Eden: A Japanese Temple Garden and Wildlife: Heavens of Harmony: Satoyama, among others.

Festival Year: 2017


Modern Day Eden

(JP, 2010, 49min)