Festival Year: 2023, 2021, 2016

Tyrhee Moore

Roles: Panelist

Tyrhee Moore is a mountaineer and outdoor education advocate born and raised in S.E. Washington, D.C. Moore is a highly regarded outdoorsman whose climbs include Grand Teton, Mount Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, and the first all African-American climb of Denali. Following his second ascent of Denali in May 2017, Moore has garnered National attention for his unnerving bravery and bold leadership as a champion for increasing interest and advocacy amongst black youth in outdoor spaces. His advocacy includes appearances on The Weather Channel, Food Network, The North Face campaigns and as a cast member of the award-winning documentary An American Ascent. Moore’s experiences in the outdoors started when he was only eleven years old. As a graduate from West Virginia University with a degree in Sport Management, Moore now encourages diversity in the outdoors and speaks around the country on topics regarding the adventure gap and conservation leadership. Tyrhee is passionate about sharing his experience and aspires to use his experience outside to inspire the next generation to rediscover the power of the world’s wildest and most uninhabited places.

In November 2018, Tyrhee founded Soul Trak Outdoors, a non-profit organization that is connecting urban communities of color to our planet’s green spaces. Soul Trak serves a wide age range of under engaged groups from urban youth, collegiate members and professional level urban residents in many outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, paddling, biking, and many others. Through Soul Trak’s programming, we work on developing leadership, community enhancement, outdoor advocacy, and outdoor exposure.

In addition to his career and volunteer work, Tyrhee thoroughly enjoys time outside on trails runs with his dog, quality time with friends and family, and mentoring young leaders in his community. Tyrhee is committed to increasing outdoor access and opportunities to underrepresented communities to stimulate new learning, growth, and appreciation for our planet.


2024 Program(s):

An American Ascent (10 Year Anniversary)


Festival Year: 2023, 2021, 2016


American Ascent, An

(US, 2015, 66min)
Director: George Potter