Festival Year: 2017

Andrew Tobiason

Roles: Panelist

Andrew Tobiason is a Biodiversity Conservation Specialist in USAID’s Office of Forestry and Biodiversity, which is responsible for planning and strengthening the Agency’s biodiversity portfolio, involving approximately 40 bureaus and missions.  Andy left the NGO sector to join USAID in 2008, and has focused on design, monitoring and learning related to combating wildlife trafficking programs since 2012.  In that role, he recently oversaw production of a toolkit on strategies and indicators for tackling wildlife crime and continues to refine and promote its use among USAID missions, partners, and colleagues in other U.S. agencies.  He is a principle conservation backstop for Central and Southern Africa, chairs a working group on biodiversity and public health intersections, and is the Agency’s policy lead on CITES.  Andrew has a Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University and undergraduate degrees in anthropology and biology.

Festival Year: 2017


Gorongosa Park

(US, NL, 2015, 55min)