Festival Year: 2017

Jill Tidman

Roles: Producer

As executive director of the Redford Center, Jill Tidman oversees everything from daily operations to shaping the center’s vision to producing documentary films and action campaigns. “Often the most important content is the least viewed, so shifting that and creating a different dynamic for the industry is what we’re helping push forward,” she says.

Jill draws on her skill set as a writer, filmmaker and activist, as well as her passion for sustainability issues, to create a new way forward with impactful storytelling.

Prior to the Redford Center, Jill consulted and led projects for Business for Social Responsibility, the Social Venture Network, the Natural Step and the Ecological Design Network, and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2011 for her short fiction.

Jill lives in San Francisco with her husband Wil and her two children.

Festival Year: 2017



(US, 2017, 75min)