Thaddeus D. Matula

Thaddeus D. Matula grew up the third child of a college professor dad and a Renaissance woman mom. He was born and raised in Dallas and is honored to be recognized as a Dallas filmmaker despite the fact he relocated to Austin, Texas, in 2005. Matula found widespread acclaim with his first feature documentary film, Pony Excess, the series finale of the original run of ESPN’s award multiple award-winning series 30 for 30; the film tells a quintessential story of his native city, chronicling the darkest hour of his favorite sports team, the SMU Mustangs. As of it’s premiere it was the highest rated documentary in the network’s history.

Prior to his emergence in the documentary film world, Matula was known for his narrative short film work; with films such as the science fiction film The Dreamer and comedy Fish Don’t Wear Clothes playing festivals around the world and nationally on PBS.

Currently, Thaddeus D. Matula is working on the documentary Live City: Music & Creative Resistance in Austin, TX and is in pre-production on a feature length version of his acclaimed sci-fi short The Dreamer. He lives walking distance from his niece and two nephews in Austin.