Festival Year: 2016

Lisa Teh

Roles: Producer

Lisa’s earliest memory of storytelling is of her brother reading to her when she was a toddler. She loved being transported into different worlds and living through another character’s experiences. As she grew older, she would spend hours in front of the television, riveted by the images and stories that were unfolding.

Two years into her bachelor’s degree at a local university, Lisa made the bold decision to pursue a more specialised degree that would eventually lead to an internship in the heart of Hollywood. She had not done any professional filmmaking, and decided to take part in the FTFM initiative because she wanted to do something outside of school.

Lisa was used to documentaries being observational in nature, so the experience making Growing Roots has opened her eyes to a different type of storytelling. One of the important learning points she cites is that filming is only half the journey – even more critical than capturing the footage is having access to the subjects and building relationships with them.

Lisa was introduced to the topic of urban farming by Shuling. Working on the documentary has been a life-changing journey for Lisa; she does not like eating vegetables but experiencing a paradigm shift along the way, she has since started including more greens in her diet.

Festival Year: 2016


Growing Roots

(SG, 2015, 24min)