Festival Year: 2016

Dr. Steve Murawski

Roles: Special Guest

Dr. Murawski is a fisheries biologist and marine ecologist involved in understanding the impacts of human activities on the sustainability of ocean ecosystems. He has developed approaches for understanding the impacts of fishing on marine fish complexes exploited in mixed-species aggregations. Additionally, his work on impacts of marine protected areas and other management options has formed the scientific basis for regulation. Such assessments can help inform investments to rebuild the Gulf of Mexico from effects of the oil spill, loss of juvenile nursery areas, nutrient enrichment, overfishing and other factors.

Dr. Murawski currently serves as Director of the Center for Integrated Analysis and Modeling of Gulf Ecosystems (C-IMAGE), which is funded by a grant from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative. Additionally, he is applying advanced technology solutions to the next generation of marine ecosystem surveys through a joint program with the Center for Ocean Technology to develop towed video systems for fish and habitat assessments. In addition to his science activities, Dr. Murawski is a USA Delegate and formerly a vice-president of the International Council for the Exploration of the SEA (ICES), a 20-nation organization dedicated to increasing understanding of ocean ecosystems in the convention area, which includes the United States, Canada and 18 European countries. He is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences’ Ocean Studies Board, and USA Committee for the International Institute for Advanced Systems Analysis. In 2013, Dr. Murawski was also appointed a committee member for the Decadal Survey of Ocean Sciences 2015.

Festival Year: 2016


Dispatches From the Gulf

(US, 2016, 56min)