Festival Year: 2019

Steve Elkins

Roles: Producer

Steve Elkins has worked in television for 30 ears as a cinematographer, editor, and producer. In 1994 he became fascinated with the Honduran Mosquita and its lost city legends. After a number of frustrating ground expeditions, he learned of the possibilities that airborne lidar might provide. The technology worked perfectly and in 2012, Steve, with his partner Bill Benenson, discovered two lost cities followed by a multi-disciplinary scientific ground expedition in 2015. The project garnered worldwide headlines and a New York Times bestselling book. Steve’s quest has now morphed into the newly formed Kaha Kamasa Foundation that is facilitating continuing archaeological research and rainforest conservation in Honduras.

Festival Year: 2019


Lost City of the Monkey God

(US, 2018, 103min)
Director: Bill Benenson