Dan Smith

After a fourteen-year career as editor Dan finally took the leap in to full time directing with his first film featuring natural history legend Sir David Attenborough.  Natural History Museum ALIVE 3D was the first time the 88 year-old Attenborough had acted in front of the camera and with Dan’s guidance the film was a triumph. It is a dazzling and unique hybrid of documentary and movie and smashed previous viewing figures for any show on Sky 3D in its slot.  One of the most technically and financially ambitious TV projects of the year, it is startlingly original and skilfully executed.  Not only was Dan nominated for BAFTA for Breakthrough Talent but also won the BAFTA for Specialist factual and was BAFTA nominated for two more in Special effects and Audio.

His skills were honed during his career as an editor.  Dan Smith is a craftsman with an instinctive ability to mesmerize viewers with his use of music, sense of timing and dramatic visual storytelling.