Festival Year: 2018

Silas Siakor

Roles: Subject, Special Guest

Silas Siakor has campaigned on community rights in the natural resource sector and forest governance since 2000. He was awarded the Whitley Award for Environment and Human Rights in 2002 by the Whitley Foundation in the UK, the Goldman Environmental Prize for outstanding environmental achievements in Africa in 2006, was among Times’ Heroes of the Environment in 2008, and received the Award for outstanding Environmental and Human Rights Activism from the Alexander Soros Foundation in 2012. Silas founded the Sustainable Development Institute in Liberia, and served as its first Director from 2005 to 2009. Silas is an environmental and human rights activist and social entrepreneur.

Festival Year: 2018


Silas (William W. Warner Award Winner)

(CA, 2017, 80min)