Festival Year: 2012

Sheila Kinkade

Roles: Director, Producer

Sheila Kinkade has worked with nonprofit, corporate, and public sector clients to tell the human story driving their social change work.  She co-authored Our Time is Now: Young People Changing the World, an International Youth Foundation book profiling 30 young heroes in 20 countries, along with numerous publications, articles, and blogs describing YouthActionNet Fellow innovations.

A graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism, Sheila has taught communications and public relations at the School of Business and Professional Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She is the author of four nonfiction children’s books, the producer of the feature documentary film Cafeteria Man, and is active in the local sustainability movement.  More recently, she has worked as co-producer on films such as Maine Girls and Doctor Q.

Festival Year: 2012


Cafeteria Man

(US, 2011, 65min)