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Ian Saunders

Roles: Special Guest

Saunders discussed White Gold at the 2014 EFF.

A professional African wildlife manager, ecologist, security/intelligence advisor and former professional soldier (British Army), Ian has spent over twenty five years working in African protected area management alongside advising governments and international organizations on security and conflict related issues in Africa, Afghanistan and the Middle East. In November 2012, Ian testified before a US Congressional Hearing about the security implications of the illegal international ivory trade. Ian is Vice President of the African Environmental Film Foundation and a Co-Founder of the Tsavo Trust, a Kenyan not for profit organization dedicated to the development of community wildlife conservancies in the remote Tsavo area of Kenya. Ian has co-produced many of the AEFF environmental films, including “White Gold” and is an Honorary Warden of the Kenyan Wildlife Service.

Festival Year: Array


White Gold

(US, 2013, 38min)