Diego E. Sarmiento Pagan (Quechua)

Diego Sarmiento’s feature debut as director and cinematographer, GREEN RIVER. THE TIME OF THE YAKURUNAS, was premiered at the Berlinale Forum 2017 and the MoMA Doc Fortnight 2018. MOTHERS OF THE LAND (2019), his second feature documentary was premiered at the 69 Berlin Film Festival. Diego directed several short films, two of which premiered at the Berlinale: EARTH’S CHILDREN (Generation K-Plus 2014) and SONIA’S DREAM (Culinary Cinema 2015). Diego studied Media Production at the Universidad Catolica in Peru and a Documentary Filmmaking Master at EICTV in Cuba. He is currently working in the pre-production of a new feature: MUSQUY, which won a Production Grant from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture.