Festival Year: 2019

Sandy & Brian Stewart

Roles: Producer

The parents of filmmaker Rob Stewart, Sandy and Brian Stewart acted as Executive Producers on Rob’s first two films, Sharkwater (2007) and Revolution (2013) and most recently worked with a team to guide and complete his final film, Sharkwater Extinction. In partnership with United Conservationists and Fin Free, two foundations founded by Rob, the Stewarts will continue to complete the many projects Rob had in development at the time of his death. The Stewarts are also the co-founders of the Tribute Entertainment Media Group of companies. From Tribute Magazine, a publication first distributed in theatres across Canada, the franchise has expanded to a roster of online media content products including www.showtimes.com, www.frontrowcentre.com, and Canada’s largest independent movie website. www.tribute.ca . With a long history of working with movie producers, movie stars and industry insiders in both Canada and LA, Tribute has produced entertaining content for over 35 years. Tribute is a leader in creating and executing award winning marketing and promotional opportunities for theatrical motion pictures.

Festival Year: 2019


Sharkwater Extinction

(CA, 2018, 87min)
Director: Rob Stewart