Mikael Rioux

An environmental activist from Quebec, he has spent years campaigning for change in his hometown of Trois-Pistoles. However, while Rioux is a firm believer in grassroots action, as the world moved into the 21st Century he decided issues of sustainability and carbon reduction were of global importance and the time had come for activism on behalf of the Earth to take a worldwide perspective. Filmmaker Sylvie Van Brabant followed Rioux in his efforts to boost awareness of the international impact of climate change and waste, and the documentary¬†Earth Keepers chronicles Rioux’s mission, offers advice on what can be done to help, and gives a number of activists an opportunity to discuss the economic and political realities behind the current environmental crisis. Produced with the participation of the National Film Board of Canada, Earth Keepers was an official selection at the 2009 Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.