Festival Year: 2022

Kat Reynolds

Roles: Director

Kat Reynolds is a commercial and documentary photographer, filmmaker, and writer based in San Diego, California.
Her body of work focuses on human-powered adventure, intersectional environmental and social justice issues, food sovereignty, women’s stories, and cultural preservation.

Impassioned by the concept of ‘relationship’ (the way humans interact with their environment and each other), she is dedicated to shifting culture through storytelling and grassroots social and environmental work. Her objective is to move people into a greater sense of awareness for our interdependence and to inspire a responsibility to give more than we take in order to collectively build a better tomorrow.

Kat has dedicated her life to creating alluring images and stories that inspire an intentional life; stimulating introspection and curiosity to connect to nature and each other and encouraging people to pause and shift their perspective and expand their frame of reference.


Festival Year: 2022