Festival Year: 2019, 2018

Sadie Quarrier

Roles: Special Guest

Sadie Quarrier has been a Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic magazine for 16 years and on staff for nearly 25. Sadie leads the adventure and exploration beat, where she is responsible for planning, producing, and editing 20 stories a year on all media platforms including print, digital, and social. She also teams up with photographers and filmmakers on a diverse range of other topics including the environment, conservation, wildlife, and indigenous cultures. Her work has taken her around the globe, to such places as Everest Base Camp, eastern Nepal, Qatar, India, Australia, Costa Rica, Cuba, as well as Antarctica, where she went on a scouting trip in 2017 looking for future story ideas. Sadie has produced multiple polar feature stories for National Geographic magazine, including “Untamed Antarctica” (September 2013), “Emperor Penguins” (November 2012), and most recently, “A Crack in the World” (November 2018). Quarrier has won numerous magazine and book editing awards, notably 2nd prize for Visual Editor of the Year by Pictures of the Year International in 2016. She also has served on the National Geographic Society’s Expeditions Council and Young Explorer grant committees and loves teaching National Geographic Photo Camps, which use photography to help young adults in underserved communities around the world to develop their own voices.

Festival Year: 2019, 2018


Last Honey Hunter

(US, 2017, 36min)
Director: Ben Knight


(AU, 2017, 74min)