Festival Year: 2018

Gretchen Peters

Roles: Special Guest

Gretchen Peters is Executive Director of the Satao Project, a consultancy that supports governments, foundations and industries to fight transnational organized crime. She is currently leading projects in Sub-Saharan Africa to counter wildlife crime and grand scale corruption. Previously, she consulted to the U.S. Defense Department and law enforcement on transnational crime and terrorism, and she co-chaired an OECD Task Force on fighting wildlife crime. Her expertise is in researching and mapping crime networks, and helping partners implement strategies to counter them. She is the author of Seeds of Terror, a groundbreaking book on the Afghan heroin trade, as well as chapters in leading academic books about the intersection of crime and conflict. She has appeared on the Daily Show and numerous media outlets, and has delivered presentations and trainings at the Pentagon, the State Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, Special Operations Command, for the Navy Seals and thousands of other NATO servicemen and women deploying to Afghanistan.

Festival Year: 2018


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