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Wayne Peng

Roles: Director

Wayne Peng (born July 3, 1964) is a renowned, award-winner commercial director with a long list of projects produced around the world since the early 90s.

Among his award-winning projects you will find stunning commercials he directed for Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Bank on China, Mitsubishi, Just Gold, Nippon Paint, Singapore Air Force and other major brands and entities.

He was ranked No.14 for the most awarded directors in the world in 1999 according to the Gunn Report.

The docu-drama Ge-wu Zhongguo (2003), also known and distributed internationally as Burning Dreams, is his first incursion into drama, a beautiful portrayal of a Shanghai school for jazz dance, its dreams and dreamers, shot in black and white, which premiered to great reviews in international festivals in 2003. This project marks Wayne’s beginning in the realm of feature-length film.

Against the Wind is Wayne Peng’s latest documentary. The idea was conceived when Wayne met Janet Yeo, Founder and Chairman of the National Stroke Association of Malaysia, and learnt about the plight of stroke survivors. The film records, over a period of three years with painstaking honesty and heart, the agonizing daily struggles of eight of these brave survivors.

Festival Year: Array


City Made From the Sky

(SG, 2011, 15min)