Kathryn Pasternak

Kathryn Pasternak is a veteran of wildlife and conservation films and recipient of two National Emmy Awards, spending some 16 years at National Geographic Television working on high-end television programs for international distribution. Since 2007, she’s been producing media independently both as a freelancer and small business owner.

Today, her company, Pasternak Media LLC, produces documentary, wildlife and conservation media – from independent documentaries to high-end, blue chip television programming, character-driven series, fast-paced reversion projects, conservation advocacy films, and webisodes.   Recent clients include: National Geographic Channels, Discovery Networks, Animal Planet US and International, Smithsonian Networks, Wildlife Conservation Network, International Wildlife Film Festival, Claiborne/ Ortenberg Foundation, JWM Productions, Aquavision, S.A. and Marvela Media, S.A.

Pasternak received her first Emmy in 2004 for supervision of the film Wolf Pack and another in 2006 for supervision of Predators at War. She was also nominated for a National EMMY award in 2006, along with wildlife cinematographer and producer Kim Wolhuter, for their film Hyenas at War/aka Hyena Queen, an extraordinary story about a small clan of hyenas in South Africa’s Mala Mala wildlife reserve. In 2010, she was nominated for another Emmy for Best Science and Nature Film for her work as Executive Producer of Swamp Troop, a story about an extraordinary troop of baboons in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.