Festival Year: 2020

James Olsen

Roles: Special Guest


James began work at CNDLS in the Fall of 2013 after completing his Ph.D. in philosophy at Georgetown University. He was initially exposed to the work of CNDLS as a graduate student while serving as an Engelhard Fellow. His current work involves helping to facilitate the Apprenticeship in Teaching program, working to design and lead workshops on pedagogy and course design, and otherwise support graduate students and faculty in developing their teaching abilities. Additionally, he provides support to a variety of other CNDLS programs.

James’ passion for teaching extends back to childhood and continues through his current position as an adjunct professor of philosophy in Georgetown’s Philosophy Department. His research focus includes areas in the philosophy of perception and phenomenology, as well as work in environmental ethics. He has lived abroad three times in the Middle East, most recently while teaching at Georgetown University in Qatar. These experiences have contributed to his interest in the ways that classrooms serve as a dynamic space of cross-cultural dialogue and how this dynamic can be constructively harnessed to facilitate learning.

Although caught up in living multiple lives at once, James’ primary interest is in his wife and children and their goal of building a permanent home in Neverland.



Festival Year: 2020