William Noland

William Noland is a sculptor, photographer and experimental documentary filmmaker. His sculpture has from the beginning been made in conversation with the built world, through both an interest in the overlap between sculpture and architecture as well as through a notion of how sculpture, in an abstract form, can reference the world of functional objects. His recent sculpture is made up of discrete, free-standing sections that engage a viewer’s movement through a delineation of site.  His video work is closely related to the work he’s done in other media, particularly his photographic project, which intimately examines the individual in public space by isolating moments of psychological resonance within everyday experience. By carefully observing and often lingering on individuals, Noland’s video imagery explores the overlap between still and moving images, in effect extending the still image into a time-based medium. His soundscapes feature richly layered ambient sound and original music as well as collaborations with composers and musicians.