Ron Naveen

Ron Naveen has been working in Antarctica for more than 30 years —what amounts to at least six years in real time, and counting penguins for Oceanites and the Antarctic Site Inventory project for 23 of those years. Ron founded Oceanites, a US-based, nonprofit science and educational organization, in 1987 and began the Antarctic Site Inventory project in 1994.Significantly, the Antarctic Site Inventory is the only nongovernmental, publicly supported, scientific research project working in Antarctica and the only project monitoring penguin population changes across the entirety of the Antarctic Peninsula.He is the lead author and photographer of: Wild Ice: Antarctic Journeys (Smithsonian Press, 1990); and the author of Antarctica: A Biology Reader (Carolina Biological Supply Company, 1992); Waiting To Fly: My Escapades with The Penguins Of Antarctica (William Morrow & Company, 1999); The Oceanites Site Guide to the Antarctic Peninsula, 2nd edition (Oceanites, 2005); and the co-author of the Antarctic Peninsula Compendium, 3rdedition (Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., 2011).Ron is the subject of an award winning documentary entitled, DzThe Penguin Countersdz which received excellent reviews in The New York Times and is now available through iTunes and Amazon. In addition NBC news picked Ron Naveen, his team and organization for a segment called DzCounting Penguinsdz that aired last year focusing on Antarctica and how penguins are adapting to climate change.