Festival Year: 2017

Molly Murphy

Roles: Moderator

Molly Murphy co-directs Working Films, a nonprofit that uses documentary film to advance social and environmental justice and sustainability. In her sixteen year tenure, she has planned and directed national media engagement campaigns, facilitated partnerships and coordinated coalitions centered on the use of documentaries to enhance communication, reach beyond the choir, and make an impact. Molly has designed and led dozens of trainings for filmmakers, grassroots organizations, and NGOs focused on using film and online media to effect change. She directs the Reel Engagement initiative, which positions documentary media in target states throughout the U.S. to strengthen organizing for clean energy solutions, racial and economic justice, and democracy.

Festival Year: 2017


Hudson, The

(US, 2016, 45min)

How To Stop A Pipeline

(CA, US, 2016, 28min)