Patrick Morris

Patrick Morris is a multi-award-winning wildlife film producer, director and executive producer. His projects span 30 years and include the major BBC landmark series “Life,” “Galapagos,” “Yellowstone,” “Wild Africa,” “Wild Europe”, “Wild West” and “Wild Mexico”, plus a range of highly acclaimed specials including “Islands in the African Sky,” “Wings over the Serengeti,” “People of the Sea,” “Hokkaido: Garden of the Gods,” “Grizzly” and “Dune.” Morris also directed the 3D movie “Enchanted Kingdom” and the giant screen film “Wild Africa 3D” for BBC Earth Films. His films have twice won the Grand Teton Best of Festival at the Jackson Hole International Wildlife Film Festival and three times Best Limited Series. Patrick has also won a highly prestigious Peabody Award from the University of Georgia for excellence in documentary filmmaking, and four Wildscreen panda awards.