Festival Year: 2024

Eliza Mitnick

Roles: Producer

Eliza is a director, producer and editor of documentary films. Born and raised in the dynamic landscape of New York City, her journey as a professional filmmaker began in 2018 when she started as a freelance documentary editor. She’s always been interested in elevating the stories and experiences of those facing systemic social and political issues and has been gratified to work on films about civil rights, immigration, corruption in congress, and environmental racism. Her projects convey the dignity of the character’s lives who are affected by broader societal barriers with empathy and emotional nuance.

After receiving her Master’s degree from NYU’s Journalism School in News and Documentary in 2022, she went on to produce Wings of Dust, an Oscar-shortlisted short documentary about a courageous Peruvian journalist. She also edited the feature documentary film, Mayor Mohamed, which premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival, and recently finished associate-producing a feature film for Ark Media about postpartum depression.


2024 Program(s):

AWARD SHORTS: Wings of Dust + Eric Moe Award Finalists


Festival Year: 2024