Festival Year: 2017

Mickey Yamine

Roles: Director, Producer

Mickey Yamine grew up in Cairo (Egypt) and moved to Germany at 18. After various jobs in film and TV, he began his studies in film production at the HFF Film University in Babelsberg. He completed his graduation-film TROPIC OF BEAR in 2010, which won an honorable mention at Festival del Film in Locarno and was aired on German TV. Ever since, he has been producing numerous films and TV commercials in Cairo and Berlin. He founded the Berlin-based production company Little Bridge Pictures in 2013, together with fellows Andreas Schaap and Benny Theisen.
His latest productions include THE LAST COMPARTMENT (2016), GAZA SURFCLUB (2016) and PRINT THE LEGEND (pre- production).


Festival Year: 2017


Gaza Surf Club

(DE, 2016, 87min)