Festival Year: 2016

Danny McNew

Roles: Director, Producer

Danny’s passion for documenting the world was not always been on the forefront of his mind. After graduating and not pursuing a track at the Culinary Institute of America, he decided to focus on a side of his life he’s always been intrigued with. Documentaries and cinematography have now become a passion and he pursues to be apart of any social affair that seems needing of a voice. Won’t Pipe Down has taken a life of its own and has allowed Danny to steer his sights towards something new. Along with Won’t Pipe Down, he is also working with Shaina Koren Cinematography in postproduction of their film Rebound. Dan used his love for documentaries to take him overseas where he assisted a small group of students creating media content for a local non-profit.

Festival Year: 2016


Won’t Pipe Down

(US, 2015, 23min)