Festival Year: 2017, 2016

David McIlvride

Roles: Director

David McIlvride is an award-winning documentary producer / director who has produced hundreds of documentaries over a 30-plus year career. For the most part, David’s skill lay in telling the stories of “the common man.” “I love to give a voice to those who, for the most part, don’t get a chance to tell their stories in the mainstream media.”

His work ranges from environmental films (Riverblue) to documenting the lives of sledge hockey players (Sledhead) to the story of one woman’s fight for a doctor assisted death (Gloria and Me).

His television work includes series work for some of the world’s best broadcasters including Discovery Channel (US and Canada); Channel 4 in the UK, History Channel and National Geographic.

Festival Year: 2017, 2016



(CA, 2016, 95min)