Festival Year: 2017

Madison McClintock

Roles: Producer

Madison has been known to chase mushroom hunters through Montana forests, chat with doomsday preppers and crazy cat ladies, deeply ponder the implications of self-transcendence, and explore many other absurdities for the sake of film. She is particularly interested in how filmmaking can be used as a creative medium to explore the extraordinary ways humans interact with their environments, the strange and beautiful, and how it can help people rediscover their childlike curiosity about the world. Madison is a co-founder/producer at Nestbox Collective and holds a Master’s of Fine Arts in Science & Natural History Filmmaking. Madison’s last film Fungiphilia Rising, was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, is currently screening at festivals throughout the world and is featured on National Geographic’s “Short Film Showcase.

Festival Year: 2017


Red Wolf Revival

(US, 2016, 24min)