Paul Andrew Mayewski

Dr. Paul Andrew Mayewski is the Director of the Climate Change Institute and Distinguished Professor in the School of Earth and Climate Sciences at the University of Maine. He has developed and led major international climate change research programs, which includes leading over 55 expeditions to Antarctica, the Arctic, Himalayas, Tibetan Plateau, Tierra del Fuego, and the Andes. In addition to participating in numerous outreach efforts (eg. the American Museum of Natural History and Boston Museum of Science), Paul has received numerous honors including the Inaugural Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research, the Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Medal, and the International Glaciological Society Seligman Crystal. He has authored more than 400 scientific publications and two popular books (“The Ice Chronicles” and “Journey Into Climate – Adventure, Exploration and the Unmasking of Human Innocence”). Paul also appears regularly on CBS, 60 Minutes and NOVA and has been featured in several films, such as the 2014 Emmy winner Years of Living Dangerously, which screened at DCEFF 2015. Dr. Mayewski worked with Claude Lorius, the subject of Ice and the Sky, in the 1980s.