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Petri Luukkainen

Roles: Director

Petri Luukkainen is a filmmaker from Helsinki. Petri started his career at the age of 17 by directing TV commercials and music videos and later has worked as a director, DOP and editor in different documentaries. Petri’s first feature length documentary film My Stuff deals environmental issue in a subtle way, as a human experiment driven comedy. My Stuff has been theatrically released around the world in 2014 (including: UK, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Spain) and continues with multiple commercial distributions in 2015. The Hollywood News (March, 2014) described Petri as follows: “Luukkainen is a good example of the kind of untapped talent from all around the world just waiting to burst onto the big screen.” In 2013 Petri read an article about climate change in the biggest newspaper in Finland and got angry on the angle of the article. The result: a short documentary The Climate Game that was produced and released in 7 days. The release was using Youtube as a major media and the production company Unikino made a press campaign to gain publicity for the topic. The Climate Game went viral and in 2014 the film was short listed in global Action4Climate short film competition for environmental films.

Festival Year: Array


My Stuff

(FI, 2013, 80min)