Festival Year: 2017

Joe Loncraine

Roles: Director

Over the last decade I have traveled throughout the developing world researching, shooting, producing and directing television documentaries. I have filmed in locations as far ranging as the slums of Mexico City to Antarctica. I have experience of natural history, science, human interest and historical documentary films.

Whilst I relish the opportunity to film in spectacular natural environments or interview great minds, some of the films I have most enjoyed making are those where I have had the opportunity to tell the stories of people’s everyday lives. The success of many of the projects I have worked on has been strengthened by my ability to quickly develop positive relationships with people and put them at ease. I enjoy working on both structured and observational documentaries and pride myself on taking a strong visual approach to my story telling.



Festival Year: 2017


Light on Earth

(GB, 2016, 51min)