Festival Year: 2016

Mariann Lewinsky Sträuli

Roles: Director

Mariann Lewinsky Sträuli is a free researcher based in Zurich, Switzerland. Curatorial program series include: Views from the Ottoman Empire (2014), Emulsion Matters (2012), The Great Film Experiment 1900-1918 (2010), Il Cinema Ritrovato – Cento Anni fa (2004-2015). Restorations of silent films include:  Ma l’amor mio non muore! (Mario Caserini, I 1913), L’Homme au gants blancs (Albert Capellani, F 1908) and works by Ella Maillart, Renée Schwarzenbach-Wille, Willy Leuzinger. Archival DVD editions include: Albert Capellani, un cinema di grandeur 1905-1911 (2011), Comic Actresses and Suffragettes 1910-1914 (2010) and European Cinema from 1909 (2009).

Festival Year: 2016


Ella Maillart: Double Journey

(CH, 2015, 40min)