Festival Year: 2024

Lisa Landers

Roles: Director

For more than two decades, Lisa has been developing and creating award-winning programs for television and museums such as the Smithsonian Channel, PBS/KQED, National Geographic Television, Discovery, the American Museum of Natural History, and Mexico City’s Papalote Museo del Niño. She’s traveled the globe covering diverse subjects ranging from Nile crocodiles to vertical dance, and is especially passionate about telling stories with the power to shift perspectives, spark awe and cultivate a fascination for nature. Lisa is also a certified forest immersion guide, helping people connect with nature in ways that are beneficial to their well-being. She lives, works and finds inspiration among the coast redwoods of northern California and the Andean oaks of Bogotá, Colombia.


2024 Program(s):

Giants Rising


Festival Year: 2024