Festival Year: Array

Yasuhiro Koyama

Roles: Director

Yasuhiro Koyama has been making natural-history programs with a focus on marine life throughout his NHK career. He joined the corporation in 1996 and was initially based in the southern city of Kagoshima, where his program subjects included flying fish (1997) and people who are fascinated by mammoths (1997). Koyama has been based in the science and environment programs division at the NHK Broadcasting Center in Tokyo since 2001. He has covered subjects including the impact of a volcanic eruption on the marine life around Japan’s Miyake Island (2002); undersea mountain ranges (2004); giraffes in the Namib Desert (2005); the search for the giant squid off Japan’s Ogasawara Islands (2006); coelacanths (2008); gibbons (2009); and the first video recording of the giant squid in its natural habitat (2013).

Festival Year: Array


Legends of the Deep: The Giant Squid

(JP, 2013, 52min)